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Wallets as a Service
Invisible wallets embedded in your app. Best in class security, in 10 lines of code.
Pay as you go
$0.05 per monthly active wallet
First 100 wallets free
Whitelabel and embedded MPC wallets
Compatible cross device (mobile, web, popular gaming SDKs)
Managed asset and disaster recovery
Compatible with any auth
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Volume discounts
Premium SLAs and rate limits
Spam filters
Custom authentication
Advanced customization
Whitelabel wallet connect
Custom AML rules and management
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Custom gas sponsorship policies
Passkey signers
Fully embeddable and whitelabel in your application
Interoperable with 3rd party dapps
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Minting Platform
Mint NFTs programmatically and send them to any wallet or address.
Pay as you go
As low as
Up to 5 collections created
Crypto free minting
Dynamic NFTs
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Volume discounts
Higher SLAs and priority minting
Premium endpoints, like burning and soulbound minting
Privacy preserving NFT
Verifiable credentials
Bring your own contract
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NFT Checkout
Accept any kind of payment for your NFT drop, launchpad or marketplace
(credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cross-chain crypto).
Fiat and cross-chain payments
Register 5 collections
Branded checkout and emails
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$399/ mo
Google & Apple pay
Higher price limits and chargeback coverage
Unlimited collections
Faster collection review
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Embedded and Headless Checkout
Dedicated risk modeling
Collection registration via API
Custom marketplace contract support
Custom payment tokens and chains
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Enterprise Support
Contact us to find the right solution for your business.
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Dedicated account manager and technical account manager
Preferred communication channels (Slack, Telegram)
Product integration and implementation support
Day of launch support
Priority response resolution SLAs
Early access to new features and prioritized requests
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